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9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Viva!!! Your website is just beautiful! You have learned a lot this year as evidenced by your terrific posts. The content on your site has grown so much in depth and character over the year. I especially like your latest video offering tips to incoming AP Bio students. It is so funny! You have done a great job with your website and I am really happy to see how much you have learned in this class. Way to go!

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  2. Your site is so well done, Viva. Your video for future AP Bio students really enforced a point that was clear in several of your blog posts – most notably in your post about The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Your point that everyday events and issues are applicable in AP Bio really came to light in the aforementioned post. Ms. Lacks and her family faced great injustice due to their race and (likely) their socioeconomic status because they were kept in the dark about how Ms. Lacks’s cells were kept and continually used for medical research, but the medical information they provide has helped countless others who face cancer and other illnesses. The intersection of social and biological issues is clear from your post, and future AP Bio students will be wise in taking your point highlighted in your final video to heart. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish at USD!

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  3. Viva, What an awesome website you have created! I love how your theme allowed you to put in a header photo on each post. It is visually so engaging and also sets a tone for your site. It is clear you spent HOURS and have made everything look so professional. Did you share in your finale preso that you even edited the font for your name? Now that’s attention to detail. Your Dear Future AP Bio video is so funny and you share tips that all students should remember. I loved getting to know you and your sense of humor. Your sketchnotes were also fabulous. I am so proud to have taught the Tiger of the Year! You had so many things to balance this year – challenging academics – top level athletics – time with family/friends – and more! You managed to persevere and succeed. What a blessing you will be to the University of San Diego community! I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures. Don’t forget to prioritize sleep and keep up the good effort 🙂


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